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Uniquely dual-action, our Crème Rescue Serum is the perfect solution whether you are a Permanent Makeup Artist or Aesthetics Practitioner wanting to enhance the results of your treatments and maximise your profit, or a skincare specialist or retailer looking for innovative and effective new skincare products to retail to customers.

With 5 high-performance, clinically-proven active ingredients, Crème Rescue Serum has been developed with the specific goal to heal skin that is stressed following Permanent Makeup, Microblading & Aesthetic treatments.

This is the serum you need to get the very best healing results from your treatment and to then continue to repair and protect your client's skin from the daily challenges it faces.
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Crème Rescue Serum Permanent Makeup Aftercare


A gentle cleanser designed for delicate, damaged skin, our PTSC: Post Traumatic Skin Cleanser can be used during the healing period after any Permanent Makeup or Aesthetic treatment to help cleanse and soothe the affected area. 

Not only does the cleanser help to prevent infection, but the PTSC: Post Traumatic Skin Cleanser is also designed to enhance your cosmetic treatment by locking in pigment, and contains anti-inflammatory ingredients to help soothe the area and speed up the healing results. 

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