ID Liner Exclusive

Onika Pigments & Needles

ID Liner are proud to be the exclusive USA distributors for Onika.

Onika Pigments are high-quality professional Permanent Makeup pigments that combine the best properties of mineral and organic dyes.

Onika Pigments are colour concentrated, making them ideal for both detailed work and contouring techniques and shadings. Implanting quickly and easily into the skin, they are suitable for working with even the most difficult skins.

Developed by Permanent Makeup Artist Onika Elena, Fusion Cartridges are available in the widest variety of single needle configurations on the market that have been carefully curated to meet the demands of all PMU Artists.

Regardless of your level of experience, Fusion Cartridges by Onika offer excellent quality for any Permanent Makeup Artist looking to take their micropigmentation skills to another level.