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Hyper-Realism Brows Online Course | @limitlesspmu

For the first time ever, world champion international Artist Miriam Beganova (@limitlesspmu) teaches you how to achieve her award-winning Hyper-Realism Brows technique for your own clients online from the comfort of your own home or clinic! 

The latest advancement in permanent makeup, Hyper-Realism Brows are the most realistic brow style yet. Demonstrating the full treatment from start to finish, Miriam will show you how to offer this highly-specialised PMU technique that she herself commands prices in excess of £795 for - meaning that you have the ability to recoup your training investment after only two treatments!  

Hyper-Realism Brows Online Course Info:

"Hyper-Realism Brows are the most challenging but also the most natural-looking, creative, and rewarding form of permanent brows.

The latest advancement in eyebrow tattooing, the hyper-realism technique creates the appearance of super realistic fluffy brows which are currently right on trend.

Hyper-Realism Brows use a specialised technique mastered by only a handful of Artists worldwide to create overlapping hairs, rather than individual hairstrokes. It also mimics the natural wave of the hairs, with hairs tattooed in different directions creating a fluffier brow, rather than the straighter, tidier style of the Hairstroke Brow."

Hyper Realism Brows Online Course Goals:

  • Understanding different skin types and how to achieve the best healing results
  • Knowing your needles
  • Appreciating the value of tone
  • Mastering the universal pattern
  • Adjusting the hairstroke pattern to each individual client
  • Discovering the secrets behind Hyper-Realism Brows

This Online Training Course is a stand-alone course and should give you all the skills and knowledge you need to perform Miriam's Hyper-Realism Brows technique for your clients, however it is also designed to work alongside and enhance our in-person Hyper-Realism Brows Masterclass which gives you invaluable hands-on mat practice and model experience.

Hyper-Realism Brows Masterclass students also receive a 50% discount on our Hyper-Realism Brows Online Training Course on completion of our in-person Masterclass! 

>> Find out more about the Hyper-Realism Brows In-Person Masterclass


Your Hyper Realism Brows Online Training Course will be made available to you via a viewable link sent after purchase. 

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