ID Liner PMU Pro

ID Liner En Point Device

Three different PMU Handpiece Drives, one technically advanced power unit, countless achievable Permanent Makeup results for the Artist who demands it all. 

With so many cosmetic tattooing machines in the PMU market to choose from, all designed to achieve different cosmetic results, staying at the forefront of the industry can be expensive for the modern day PMU Artist. Instead of just adding new handpieces to their collection when they want to create different effects, Artists often need to buy a whole new permanent makeup machine.

But not with the ID Liner En Point Device! Completely unique, our device has been built so that you can use three totally different handpieces to create the full range of PMU techniques, treatments and results. The ID Liner En Point Device runs a cartridge handpiece (perfect for brows and shading), a single acupuncture needle handpiece (to achieve super fine lines and world renowned Gloss & Go™ Lip Blush) and a powerful handpiece for faster results and higher levels of quality.

There is even the option to convert one of the drives to fit a handpiece that you may already own, allowing you to just grow your selection of permanent makeup handpieces instead of spending thousands on new devices every time.

The ID Liner En Point permanent makeup machine is also compatible with the Defenderr Onyx Handpiece. A Jack Adapter is needed to connect the two. 

Small, sleek and sexy the ID Liner En Point permanent makeup machine is perfect for an Artist constantly on the move in need of a lightweight and portable device that takes the option of 3 different style handpieces and is proven to create outstanding results every time.

Key features:

  • 5.6in (En Point) / 10.4in (Power Point) Colour Touch Screen with stunning visual graphics
  • Dual independent drive output to run two different hand pieces simultaneously
  • Three Hand Piece options means a vast selection of needle configurations available
  • Recommended pre-set speeds per hand piece
  • As powerful as you want it: Built to drive the hand pieces to their maximum safe output potential
  • Overload and thermal protection, forced air cooling system
  • Power supply tailored to any countries requirement
  • Suitable for Cosmetic and Medical Tattooing
  • Dual Footswitch and onscreen Actuation
  • Pink LED's built into the En Point
  • CE Certified, UK Engineered, Totally Future Proof

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